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Truly a technician's dream, components can be installed from either side of our FD (Front Door) 2301 or the wider 2801 series multimedia podiums. Designed specifically to accommodate the rack system CFR 14-18 from Middle Atlantic Products (www.middleatlanntic.com), this podium includes a raised platform to center the rack in the back door opening. Several 2" grommets on the side and one above the reading area are provided for easy wiring. It also features two 2" ventilation grommets on the deep 7" top as well as several holes in the bottom shelf for a 'chimney" effect allowing heat to escape.

This podium is constructed from high quality solid plywood with layers of solid wood core. It has our standard 6 coats of clear semi-gloss lacquer. Nearly all the parts have mortise and tenon joinery for incredible strength. The locks are keyed the same and the sliding keyboard rides on ball bearing slides and even has a pencil stop at the back. The reading surface is made from a durable black melamine. Of course, all our podiums come with our Risk Free Warranty.