Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of finish do you use?
We like to use a natural teak and tung oil blend. We apply 4-5 coats by hand to give the wood a silky,smooth feel. It's become our favorite because it really brings out the character of the wood, it's waterproof, and it's so easy to repair scratches.
What's the difference in wood prices?
Going form least to most expensive: ash,birch,alder,oak,walnut,African mahogany,maple,quartersawn oak,and cherry.
Cherry is slightly more than twice the price of alder. Maple, mahogany, and walnut are very close in price. Alder is soft, birch,maple and oak are hard, and the others fall somewhere in the middle.
When someone states it's made of "solid" wood, what does that really mean?
It's hard to believe but plywood is considered solid! It's core is made up of layers of cheaper woods. Pressed, particle board, or MDF is not solid. The core is basically sawdust that has been compressed under thousands of pounds and an adhesive is added to it. We use absolutely no pressed boards. Plywood has its virtues and we always state which parts are plywood and which parts are solid "hardwood." As you might guess, we like using hardwoods as much as possible.
What kind of hardware do you use for the drawer slides?
We use steel ball bearing with a 1" over travel. This means your slides will never wear and you can see all the way to the back of the drawer. Of course, for the traditionalists we still do "wood on wood" drawers.
Can I pick my own hardware?
What are your billing terms?
We accept cash, check or charge. For local delivery in Bend, Oregon, we require 1/2 down to begin the order and the remaining balance is due upon delivery. Out of state, we require the full balance before starting the order.
Do you do built-ins?
Can the customer create their own design?
Absolutely, we give you full artistic license.
Is there a delivery charge?
There is no charge for local deliveries in Bend, Oregon. Delivery outside the Bend Area is subject to delivery charge - but we are more than willing to ship just about anywhere for a nominal charge
Do you build children's furniture?
We build most pieces but not cribs.
Can lighting be installed?
Do you match colors?
Yes, we prefer to have an actual wood sample (such as drawer front). However, we can work with a picture. We'll mail a color matched sample to you for final approval. Keep in mind, its very difficult to get a perfect match. There is a $45 charge for this service.
Which woods change color over time?
Generally, from our inventory it's cherry and mahogany. Cherry and African mahogany will develop a deep, reddish patina. Some other mahoganies turn more brown.
How do I place an order for furniture?
To place an order, please call us at (541) 318-5200. You may fax your order to: (541) 318-5295.  Mail-in orders are received at the following address:
Johan Woodworking
61149 S HWY 97 STE. 520
Bend, OR  97702
How do I pay for my furniture order?
We require a 50% deposit to initiate your order. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a written confirmation to ensure your order information is accurate. When your order is nearing completion we will contact you to arrange a delivery time. The balance will be due prior to shipment. We accept money orders, personal checks, Visa, American Express and Mastercard.
Custom work can not be returned, but is always completely guaranteed for workmanship. The materials and workmanship of any piece created by Johan Woodworking, and having our standard finish, are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner. Assuming our furniture has not been abused, we will either repair or replace the item.

Do you work with any interior decorators or home remodelers?
Yes, we work with both. 

For interior decorating call Mary and Jerry Sawyer.  Combined, they have nearly 40 years experience and can be reached at (541) 593-2176 or